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Society Hill, SC doesn’t just have a fantastic catfish festival or a picturesque downtown, the town center sits on a well used cut through that drivers from the Piedmont and Sand Hills Regions of NC use to get to Myrtle Beach.  Similarly, drivers from Florida also get off of I-95 North at Florence and come through Society Hill, SC to pick up US-52 in order to get to their families in NC faster.Regardless of why you are passing through Society Hill, be aware that law enforcement is out and they are looking to enforce state and local traffic laws.  Be careful, but call our firm if you are pulled over and issued a Society Hill speeding ticket.

The Society Hill Town Hall is located at 280 S Main St, Society Hill, SC 29593.

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If you have received a Society Hill traffic ticket, DUI, following too closely, improper lane change, reckless driving, speeding ticket, driving under suspension, or any other moving violation while traveling through Darlington County, South Carolina, call our experienced SC traffic ticket lawyerstoday for a free consultation regarding your Society Hill, SC traffic ticket. Our lawyers are highly skilled and have worked throughout South Carolina to resolve traffic tickets. If you were pulled over and issued a traffic ticket, but are not from the local area, having to appear in Society Hill South Carolina Municipal Court could be a major inconvenience. Let our firm take the inconvenience away. At Nosal & Jeter, LLP, we have successfully represented both North Carolina residents (along with Florida and other states along the east coast) who were charged in Society Hill for speeding, driving under suspension, red light violations, reckless driving, and other traffic violations.

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Society Hill is just a South Carolina Speed Trap…”

Many small towns in South Carolina, such as Society Hill, Hartsville, Pageland, RidgelandNichols, Mullins, Marion, Latta, Yemassee, Fort Lawn, etc. write a large number of speeding tickets and other traffic violations that generate revenue for their local municipalities; however, the judges in these towns are well aware of the reduced speed zone, and a sudden reduction in the speed limit does not excuse speeding in these jurisdictions. We advise our clients to be mindful of the speed limit when driving through small towns in South Carolina. If you do receive a Society Hill, Nichols ticket, call us today to learn how an experienced South Carolina traffic ticket attorney can fight your ticket for you.

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