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Kentucky Drivers with SC Traffic Citation

The Kentucky Point System seeks to identify persons that may be habitually negligent drivers. When a Kentucky driver accumulates twelve (12) points on their license (seven (7) if under the age of eighteen) within a two year period, a driver’s privilege to operate a motor vehicle may be suspended.

You will gain three (3) points on your Kentucky license if you are caught traveling 11-15 mph over the speed limit on a limited access highway, 15 mph or less over the speed limit on any non-limited access highway, and 15 mph over the speed limit in a commercial motor vehicle.

If you are traveling 15 mph or more in a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) out of-state and are convicted of the offense, the conviction will result in zero (0) points but will be listed as a “serious offense” on your Kentucky driving record.

If you have a Kentucky Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), notify the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and your employer within 30 days of receiving the violation. Even though getting a traffic ticket greatly affects CDL holders because it affects their livelihoods, they tend to face stiffer penalties than do regular drivers.

Otherwise, traveling 16-25 mph over the speed limit on any road or highway will result in six (6) points and anything above 26 mph over the posted speed limit will result in a hearing and possible suspension.

Points assessed under the Kentucky Point System expire two years from the date of conviction. However, the conviction entry remains part of the driver’s record for a period of five (5) years from the conviction date. Upon the accumulation of twelve (12) points against a driver age eighteen or older, or seven (7) points against a driver under the age of eighteen, the Transportation Cabinet conducts a hearing concerning the driver’s privileges to operate a motor vehicle. Failure to appear for this hearing will result in a driving suspension for a period of six (6) months for the first accumulation of twelve points, a period of one year for the second accumulation, and a period of two years for any subsequent accumulation of twelve (12) points within the two year period.

After a hearing, the department may require the driver to be placed on “probation” in lieu of suspension and attend a driver improvement clinic approved by the Transportation Cabinet, such as a state traffic school. Once a driver is placed on probation, he or she will not be considered for probation again until two years has passed from the ending date of any previous probation period granted, and whether served or not.

How an attorney can help you

If you get a South Carolina traffic ticket and you are a Kentucky driver, it is important to consider all options before paying a ticket.  Kentucky has some serious driving penalties (especially if you have a CDL), and seeking the advice of an attorney about your best options can likely get you less points on your license than if you just pay the fine listed on the ticket and accept the consequences.  Don’t go through this alone; allow an experienced South Carolina traffic ticket attorney to represent, negotiate, and fight for you on your behalf and help you avoid having to deal with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

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