When You Should Consider Hiring an Attorney for Your Traffic Fines in South Carolina

Thomas Jeter • June 22, 2016

When You Should Consider Hiring an Attorney for Your Traffic Fines in South Carolina

When you’re issued a traffic ticket, it can be difficult to know what your rights and options are. There are certain situations when you may want to seek professional legal help for advice and assistance. Here are some circumstances in which you should consider hiring a traffic attorney.

You’re Facing Serious Charges

While some tickets deliver a small fine, others can carry lifelong consequences. One ticket for a DUI can mean jail time, a permanent criminal record, hefty fines and a license suspension or revocation. This can affect your future options for employment and can even cause you to lose your current job. Due to the serious nature of the consequences associated with this type of traffic ticket and other similar citations, many drivers choose to enlist professional legal help to avoid the long-term effects that can accompany some traffic tickets.

You Need to Organize a Case

If you want to present your case in court, you will likely need help gathering and organizing information. A traffic ticket attorney has experience with the best way to do this and can also help do things like subpoena witnesses if that is needed.

You Would Like Representation in Court

If you have decided to fight the ticket, you may want to have an attorney represent you in court. Many people feel uncomfortable speaking in front of a judge and are worried they’ll be unable to adequately answer questions. Having a traffic ticket attorney represent you can often offer the best chance possible at persuading the court that you should have the charges dropped or lowered. This can also helpful if you won’t be available during your appointed court time. An attorney can represent you even if you’re not able to attend the hearing.

You Want to Negotiate a Plea Deal

If you know you’ll be found guilty and would like to reduce charges by negotiating a plea deal, an attorney can help you determine what will be considered a fair agreement. They can also assist you in court while discussing plea arrangements to be sure you receive appropriate treatment. The court will be represented by experienced legal counsel so you should be sure that you are, too.

When faced with any of these circumstances, an attorney can help you navigate the complicated legal system and avoid unnecessary charges. For traffic fines in South Carolina, be sure to acquire appropriate counsel to achieve the best outcome possible for your situation.