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If you have a Ridgeland SC traffic ticket, you have a problem that should not be ignored. Make no mistake, getting pulled over and cited for speeding on I-95 is not just a local issue that will stay in South Carolina. If you are licensed to drive in another state (especially North Carolina or Florida), your Ridgeland SC speeding ticket will usually severely impact your drivers license points and insurance rates.  It is even possible that your driver’s license could be suspended. If you are a South Carolina driver, SC DMV will be notified when the ticket is closed. If you are traveling for work or vacation and are charged with speeding (or any other traffic violation) in Ridgeland, you may find it helpful to utilize a multi-state law firm that has a statewide traffic ticket practice in South Carolina.

If you were charged with a traffic offense in Ridgeland, call Nosal & Jeter, LLP today to discuss your case with an experienced South Carolina Traffic Ticket Attorney. Our firm is experienced in Ridgeland Municipal Court and will work hard to obtain a successful resolution for your case. Call us today at (803) 351-3597.

The Ridgeland Municipal Court is located at 1 Town Square, Ridgeland, SC 29936.

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If the blue lights are on and you find yourself in front of a car like this on the side of the road, make sure you call an experienced South Carolina Traffic Lawyer soon after.  Just because the lights are on, it does not mean that you will have to pay the entire power bill. The Ridgeland Police Department vigorously enforces all traffic and speeding laws within its jurisdiction on and off of I-95.  The department is tough, but fair, and works to ensure criminal activity on and off the interstate is minimal.  If you are issued a speeding ticket, traffic ticket, accident ticket, or any other moving violation in Ridgeland, or driving through Jasper County on I-95, call us today for a free consultation from a South Carolina traffic ticket lawyer with experience handling Ridgeland speeding tickets.

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At Nosal & Jeter, LLP, we understand that people from all over America drive on I-95 through Ridgeland, South Carolina and have extensive experience working with clients with out of state driver’s licenses. Our firm has licensed attorneys in North and South Carolina and maintains an ongoing relationship with a Traffic Law Firm with a statewide practice in Florida.  We know how a Ridgeland, South Carolina traffic ticket will affect your North Carolina license because one of our SC traffic attorneys also is licensed in North Carolina. We have the network in place to discuss the outcome of your case with the appropriate lawyer if you are licensed in Florida, Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey, or New York.

One of our attorneys is a former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer who has extensive experience with traffic-related offenses and now uses the knowledge and insight gained as a police officer to successfully defend and negotiate traffic tickets on behalf of our clients.  He will take your case all the way to a jury trial (if it is necessary), but also has the temperament and experience to understand that trial is usually not the best way to resolve a traffic citation.  As a former police officer, he also understands that taking an adversarial approach in resolving a speeding ticket can backfire.  Our firm understands that an adversarial approach may be necessary to resolve your case, but it is not usually required at your initial appearance.  If you find yourself holding a ticket or summons issued by SGT T.L East (or any other Ridgeland Police Officer) ordering you to appear in front of Judge Scoggins at the Ridgeland Municipal Court, a skilled SC traffic attorney can help guide you to a positive resolution of your case that allows you to maintain your ability to drive, reduces or eliminates points on your license, and protects your auto insurance premiums. 

Even a simple speeding ticket can have serious consequences on your driving record and insurance premiums.  If you simply pay the fine, you are pleading guilty, possibly to a misdemeanor offense. In addition to a fine, you will likely see your insurance rates rise. An experienced and aggressive South Carolina traffic ticket attorney can guide you to the solution that best fits your situation and results in the least damage to your insurance rates and driving record.

If you were pulled over for a speeding ticket and are not from the local area, having to appear alone in the Ridgeland Municipal Court can be inconvenient, difficult, and uncertain. A prior consultation with an experienced SC Traffic Attorney should ease some of your concerns and provide a good sense of how your case will proceed. We will strive to get your cased dismissed or the charge reduced to minimize the points on your license and insurance, all without you having to appear in court. The firm will also recommend a course of action on how to proceed, with the goal being minimal or no affect on your license or insurance rates. When you call, you will speak to a South Carolina speeding ticket lawyer who understands Ridgeland, SC traffic offenses and how they affect your license and insurance. We are available evenings and weekends. Call anytime.

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