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The South Carolina Traffic Ticket Lawyers at Nosal & Jeter, LLP have successfully represented clients with all types of South Carolina traffic tickets. We understand the South Carolina courts and know how to get traffic violations dismissed, how to get a speeding ticket reduced to a 0-point violation, and how to reduce your fines and keep your insurance rates low.

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A South Carolina traffic ticket can have unforeseen consequences on your license and insurance. The charging officer who wrote your ticket is not an attorney and is interested in prosecuting and closing cases, not providing you with legal advice. Hire an experienced SC traffic ticket attorney who handles thousands of tickets protect your driver’s license and avoid rising insurance premiums. Call us before your court date, because if you miss your court date you will be found guilty in your absence.

Contact Nosal & Jeter, LLP at (803) 351-3597 and talk to an attorney experienced in fighting and negotiating South Carolina traffic violations all throughout the state.

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