Drowsy Driving Is Not Worth Losing Your Freedom

If you tend to drive while drowsy, you might want to reassess your priorities a bit. Drowsy driving is just as dangerous as driving while impaired. You might think there is nothing for you to worry about when you start to feel sleepy while driving. But there are many things that could happen if your […]

Filing a False Car Accident Report Is a Criminal Offense

When it comes to car accidents, many South Carolinians know that consequences can be contingent on the police report and evidence. When there is minimal or confusing evidence about car accidents, insurance companies often rely on the police report. Though this does not always pose an issue, there are times where the details in the […]

The Impact of Distractions on Highway Safety

Distracted drivers are a growing concern on roadways across the country, not just in the South Carolina highways. Each year, the number of highway fatalities increases, while driver safety diminishes. The roads are not necessarily becoming more dangerous. Much of the cause involves distracted driving. Types of Distractions Distractions come in many forms. The most […]

How Safe Is the X-LITE Guardrail System?

South Carolina is one of many states to use the X-LITE Guardrail system to reduce the number of traffic accident fatalities that occur on its roads. Though the number of traffic fatalities is decreasing, many people still end up injured in car accidents. When you hear about traffic accidents and fatalities, one of the last […]

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