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Nichols, SC is a small town that sits at the intersection of US-76 and SC-9. Drivers from North Carolina routinely pass through the town on their way to the North and South Carolina coasts. Unfortunately, most are not intimately familiar with the town and the subtle nuances of its traffic patterns. Within the town limits the streets are usually wide, clear, and contain limited traffic. There are also multiple places where the speed limit abruptly changes. To keep its town safe, Nichols Police Department routinely enforces all speeding and traffic laws and is willing to issue tickets to violators. If you are from NC, SC, Florida or Georgia, a traffic ticket in Nichols can affect your license and insurance, but do not let a traffic ticket in Nichols, South Carolina ruin your beach vacation…

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Call Nosal & Jeter LLP if you were pulled over in Nichols, SC on your way to the beach or on your way home from vacation.  We understand the particular charges against you, the roads in Nichols, and the effects of a Nichols, SC violation on your driving record. Generally, we can assist you with the charges and provide a few options on how to proceed.  If we can not assist you, we will let you know that too. We strive to assist those that we can who were charged in Nichols, SC and are concerned about the affects of the charge on their driver’s license and insurance.

The Nichols Municipal Court is located at 514 West Mullins Street, Nichols, SC 29574.

If you have received a South Carolina traffic citation, speeding ticket, or any other moving violation while driving through Marion County  SC, call us today for a free consultation from an experienced SC traffic ticket lawyer. At Nosal & Jeter, LLP, we represent both South Carolina residents and non-residents with Nichols speeding tickets, driving under suspension, open container, red light violations, registration violations, stop sign tickets, reckless driving, and other traffic violations.

Because Nichols is located close to the border of North Carolina, many of our clients are from NC and are just passing through. North Carolina has extreme traffic laws and NC residents should carefully consider the consequences before paying and pleading guilty to a Nichols, South Carolina traffic offense. One of our attorneys is an accomplished North Carolina traffic lawyer and understands how South Carolina charges affect your NC license. Our NC and SC traffic ticket attorneys work together on every case to ensure the affects on your NC license and insurance are minimal or eliminated.

A simple speeding ticket in Nichols, SC can have dire consequences for your drivers license and insurance. You could even lose your license if your home state interprets the charge differently than Nichols. Be careful, if you just pay the fine on the ticket, you are making the decision to waive your constitutional right to challenge the charge and are, instead, pleading guilty – possibly to a misdemeanor offense. An experienced South Carolina traffic attorney can assist you in finding the solution to your case that best fits your goals. We always strive to get your charges dismissed or reduced to minimize the points on your license and the effect on your insurance.

Call our seasoned SC traffic attorneys for a free consultation and we will explain your options and recommend a course of action. When you call, you can speak to a SC speeding ticket lawyer who understands Nichols, SC traffic offenses and how they affect your license and insurance. We are available evenings and weekends. Call anytime.

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