Common License Suspension Reasons

Thomas Jeter • October 26, 2018

4 Common Reasons Drivers Lose Their Licenses

It is no secret that some motorists are driving around South Carolina on suspended and revoked driver’s licenses. For many, driving is more than a privilege; it is a necessity that enables them to get to and from work, school and wherever else they need to go. Though the state makes every effort to inform motorists when their driving privileges are no longer valid, many of them are unaware of the suspensions and are caught off guard during traffic stops. Check out some common reasons drivers lose their driving privileges.

  1. Child Support Arrears

People who fall behind on child support payments risk having their driver’s licenses suspended. There are many reasons for nonpayment of child support, such as job loss, unexpected medical issues and refusal. Fortunately, South Carolina is one of a handful of states that allow motorists to receive temporary restricted driver’s licenses that enable them to commute to work so they can catch up on the arrears and stay current on their child support payments.

  1. Too Many Driving Violations

Too many drivers discredit the importance of obeying the law, especially when they are on the road. Drivers who are caught disregarding traffic laws and operate their vehicles recklessly end up with traffic citations and points on their driving records. Points do not just fall off after a court appearance or payment of the citations. They remain on driving records for years and can accumulate. Once a driver’s driving record point total reaches a specific number, their license becomes suspended.

  1. Criminal Offenses

Certain criminal offenses, such as hit and run and DUI can result in the automatic suspension of a person’s driver’s license. It is important for motorists to clear up any legal issues they have to ensure they can continue to enjoy their right to operate motor vehicles. Failure to do so can result in more criminal charges. Also, failing to pay a traffic fine (even a minor offense) can result in a suspension of a person’s driver’s license by the driver’s home state DMV.

  1. Errors on Driver Record

Many people do not realize their driving records could contain errors. Also, they might not be aware of how to check their driving profiles to ensure they do not run into complications later. Some suspended licenses are the result of errors. Motorists should check their driving records often to ensure accuracy. If they spot any mistakes, they should inform a traffic ticket attorney and the DMV to have them removed.

A suspended license is nothing to shrug off. It is crucial for motorists to learn the reasons for the suspensions and how they can resolve them to get their driving privileges reinstated. Driving around on a suspended license can be very expensive and can have lingering consequences.